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  • International Symposium of the Jockey Club "Sports without Limits“ Youth Empowerment Programme cum ASAPE 2022 HONG KONG

The Jockey Club “Sports without Limits” Youth Empowerment Programme

The Jockey Club “Sports without Limits” Youth Empowerment Programme targets at children and youth with four disability types, namely, visual impairment (VI), hearing impairment (HI), physical disability (PD), and intellectual disability (ID) (mild and moderate levels). By working with schools and families, we aim at empowering children and youth with disabilities to get physically active and healthy through physical activity participation so as to promote physical and psychosocial health and improve quality of life. We also aim at advancing professional competence and practice of physical education teachers and practitioners who are working with this population group, and promoting social inclusion between children and youth with and without disabilities. We invite teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to contribute to an active, healthy and inclusive society.

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