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Sharing without Limits

Yuk Lun's Story

Yuk Lun graduated with a certificate in "Design and Desktop Publishing" from The Shine Skill Centre (Pokfulam). His symptoms started at the age of 4, and he was later diagnosed with "Idiopathic Torsion Dystonia", which has caused muscular stiffness in both limbs, varying degrees of pain, difficulty in controlling voluntary movement, weak self-reliance abilities, and the need to use a wheelchair to assist mobility. Despite certain restrictions on his bodily movement, he is positive, optimistic, and does not shy away from challenges. He loves drawing and photography. Some of his artwork and photography has been exhibited and he has won a Golden Prize in the Art Competition for Social Inclusion. He has given numerous speeches and shared his story at schools, inspiring other handicapped students to reach for the stars and pursue their dreams even in the face of adversity, just like he did.


Sharing by Dr. Suzannie LEUNG

We are honored to have Dr. Suzannie LEUNG serve as the honorary judge for “Sports without Limits” Coloring Competition 2021. Dr. LEUNG is an Assistant Professor of Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is an arts educator and researcher. She has engaged in arts education curriculum and research in early childhood education, arts-based programme design for gifted children and curatorial work of early childhood art exhibitions. Currently, she is a specialist of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) in the areas of Education and Arts, Design and Performing Arts.