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Quality Physical Education

Providing adapted sports equipment and facilities to promote Quality Physical Education:

  • To engage students in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity at least 50% of physical education class time

賽馬會「運動無界限」青少年展翅高飛計劃 心率監測系統 BHT GoFit 系統使用說明書 (Chinese Version only)
賽馬會「運動無界限」青少年展翅高飛計劃 心率監測系統 單元(一)簡介及使用 (Chinese Version only)
賽馬會「運動無界限」青少年展翅高飛計劃 心率監測系統 單元(二)推動優質體育課,提升體育教學效能 (Chinese Version only)

Activity Breaks During School Time

Facilitating free play:

  • To allow breaks between classes (e.g., providing a 2-min break for every 30-min class)
  • To promote active recess (15-min to 20-min daily)
  • To reduce time spent sitting

Professional Development

  • Organizing seminars and workshops that focus on integration of theory and practice in adapted physical activity
  • Providing consultation on special/adapted physical education curriculum and guidelines by professionals and experts in adapted physical activity

Adapted Sports

  • Enhancing students' interests and opportunities for participation in different physical activities.
  • Introducing four types of adapted sports which include aerobic dance, curling, goalball and sitting volleyball.
  • Assisting participating schools in promoting adapted sports by providing sports equipment and facilities.